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Neste vídeo há o anúncio da chegada de uma pessoa diferente das outras, em quem se pode confiar. Não quer saber que é? Ora veja:


“Put The Needle On The Record – the evolution of electronic dance music" (Documentário)

'PUT THE NEEDLE ON THE RECORD' is an award-winning documentary which explores the evolution of electronic music and the rise of the DJ in pop culture. Filmed in Miami during the hot and sexy Winter Music Conference, a yearly week-long event attended by over 20,000 electronic music professionals and fans, the film takes an inside look at a growing global phenomenon in the world of music.
Interviews with top artists, footage from events around the globe and a brilliant soundtrack are combined to create a highly energetic piece of filmmaking. First-time director Jason Rem brings an unexplored genre of music to the masses for a glimpse at a movement that is driven by passion, creativity and business.
The film has been called "A rock solid documentary," and "An event to savor in wonderment," and is not to be missed.

“When I Sold My Soul To The Machine” – Documentário sobre a origem do Electro

"From the early nineties an electronical music culture emerged in The Hague, the Netherlands. This film travels back and forth in time, alongside the artists and styles while connecting the characteristics of this period."
It’s finally here!!! The first (and probably the last) film about the Hague’s electro community, centering around I-F’s Murder Capital crew! The DVD is entitled "When I Sold My Soul To The Machine" and it's basically the story of the Hague and it's vibrant electro/techno/disco scene. The Documentary includes I-F, Alden Tyrell, Orgue Electronique, Legowelt, Intergalactic Gary, Syncom Data, Guy Tavares (the originator of Bunker) Pametex and numerous DJ's and folk from the Hague scene. If you are a fan of Dutch techno and electro, you should chek this sh*t out immediately as it seems unlikely we’ll be able to get more of this in.

425 MB XviD AVI
video: 25 fps, 1265 kbps, 560x416
audio: 48000Hz, 103kbps, mpeg-1 layer 3

“MODULATIONS: cinema for the ear” (DVD)

Runtime 75 m
Language: English & French with Hardcoded English subs
A música electrónica, as rave party, a acid house, a techno, os grupos, produtores e DJs (alguns dos melhores, como coldcut, autechre, carl cox, carl craig, derrik carter, danny tenaglia, the future sound of london, derrick may, alec empire...)
Muitas palavras (e sons!) para tentar descrever este tipo de música, a chamada "música electrónica", que tanto AMAMOS!
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