"Vicent" - Tim Burton (1982)

Hoje é noite de Halloween, um bom motivo para rever este Vicent, de Tim Burton, o primeiro trabalho em stop-motion do realizador. Conta a história de Vicent Malloy, um garoto de 7 anos que quer ser Vicent Price. 

my Sun in the library, on wednesday

À 4ª feira, tenho 1h de trabalho na Biblioteca.
À 4ª feira, na Biblioteca, há um Sol que brilha. Cria uma beleza agradavelmente apaixonante!
Ontem, 4ª feira, o Sol não veio.
Ontem a Biblioteca esteve menos bonita, mais triste, menos agradável.
Ontem, 4ª feira, senti falta do Sol.
O meu sol começa por um S...


Deepbass - AudioBeats Podcast #007 (15-03-2013)

Esta semana, descobri um projeto bastante interessante: Deepbass. Aqui fica um dos seus sets:

01. Hironori Takahashi - Venatrias
02. Lucy & Silent Servant - Victors History
03. Informa Collabs (Deepbass Version)
04. DJ Datch - Trips
05. Ness - Hive Structures
06. Abstract Division - Fierce Tension (Shifted Remix)
07. Polar Inertia - Major Axis
08. Obscure Live - 15.0 (Angel Costa Remix)
09. Reeko - Passage 17.1
10. Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default - Sucktion
11. Function - Modifier
12. Reggy Van Oers - Sinousity (Ness Remix)
13. Mike Storm - Signs Of Life


Deepchord – Spirits – Soma Records
Deepbass – Process (Cio D’Or Mountain Remix) – Informa Records
The Black Dog – Dissident Bleep (Sandwell District Remix) – Dust Science
Limited Byetone – Opal – Raster Noton
Mas Teeveh – The Man Who Lived 1000 Years (Ness Remix) – Sonntag Morgen
Deepbass – Process – Informa Records
Endless – Varying Paths – Electric Deluxe
Never Existed Boy – A-Non Place – Gynoid Audio
Fabrizio Lapiana – Signals (Edit Select Remix) Attic Music
Deepbass – Orion (Ness’ Nebula Remix) – Informa Records
P.God – Neptune IV – Komisch Records
Gianluca Meloni – Ostinate Sin (Dino Sabatini Remix) – Outis Music
nAX_Acid & Claidio PRC – Chondrite H4 – Aconito Records
Cio D’Or – Wasserkraft – Prologue
Bryan Zentz & Lets Go Outside – Hethradia (Samuil Kemppi Tool) – From 0-1
Deepbass – Orion – Informa Records
Ben Gibson – Implex – M_Rec Ltd
NX1_02_005 – NX1 Conrad Van Orton & Vilix – Coppergreen Project – C.R.S.Recordings
Dark Room Alliance – Stige (Deepbass Remix) – Archetypes Records
Shapednoise – White Light White Head (Dino Sabatini Remix) – Repitch
Giorgio Gigli – The Future Is Only A Memory Of A Wonderful Past

Erratic Podcast 54 - Exium

BOC – Sundown
Marcel Dettmann – Ductil
Steffi – Attacke
Jeroen Search – Informa Experiments
PAS – Undertow
Luis Ruiz – Dilmun (Reeko remix)
Wire – Word
Christian Wünsch – Alpha particle
Exium – Star ancestors
Pfirter – Crash
Lewis Fauzti & Nuklear Default – Sinister
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Mark
Regis – Keeep planning
Pfirter – Tide (Exium remix)
Ctrls – Displacer (Sleeparchive version 1)
Astronomical Telegram – Near (Ducerey Ada Nexino remix)
Par Grindvik – The planets
Eomac – Myth of origins
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Drumcell - Go To Sleep V.1 - Electronic Explorations Podcast

[01] - Claudio PRC - Aphelion - [Gamma Sampler]
[02] - Lewis Fautzi - Sucktion
[03] - Reeko - 17.1 - Passage [MD17]
[04] - Andrea Belluzzi - Dream (George Paar Fiery Remix) - [Par Recordings 029]
[05] - Mono-Region - There Here - [First Contact EP]
[06] - Mark Morris - Discontinuo Perpetuo
[07] - Delko - Planeta [08] - Zietgeber - Now Imagine
[09] - DRH - CRS 4.1 - Curse 4.0
[10] - Octave - Opposite Gravity - [STARKSTROM SCHALLPLATTEN]
[11] - Kelly Dean - Firewall (DRUMCELL REMIX) - [Smog Records]
[12] - DRUMCELL - Departing Comfort - Sleep Complex - [CLR]
[13] - Oliver Dodd - AB-433 - [Unreleased]
[14] - Liss C - Modulation (Samuli Kemppi Remix) - [LC Series 02]
[15] - The Noise Maker - CZT - [Silent Steps] [16] - The Noise Maker - Naju - [Silent Steps]

Smoke Machine Podcast 090 Prince Of Denmark

Prince Of Denmark [ Giegling ] Germany giegling.net

Lucy @ Melkweg Rabonhall (ADE 2013) - Amsterdam 19.10.2013 - Electric Deluxe Event

Dj set for the Electric Deluxe event at Amsterdam Dance Event 2013


Lucy - CLR Podcast 231

A editora CLR oferceu-nos mais podcast com Lucy, um dos meus artistas de techno favoritos:

Dronelock - Corridors [Weekend World]
Analogue Cops - AC-Livex02 [Fragil Musique]
Truncate - Forty Four [Mote Evolver]
Andrea Belluzzi - Anklast [Par]
Couch Lock - Allure (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Hidden]
Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness [Mindtrip]
Charlton - Chaotic Behaviour [Mord]
Kangding Ray - Oise [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Vedomir - Music Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Dekmantel]
Chevel - Hearing [Non Series]
Ricardo Villalobos - Ferenc [Perlon]
Zeitgeber (Lucy & Speedy J) - Now Imagine [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie - Red Velvet (Audio Injection Remix) [On]
Minilogue - When Sadness Releases, Joy Arises (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Enemy]


"Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook" (CD, 2013)

Pete Namlook foi um dos ícones da música ambiental/eletrónica.  Morreu em novembro de 2012, aos 51 anos, vítima de ataque cardíaco. 
A editora alemã Carpe Sonum Records iniciou um tributo a Pete Namlook, um work in progress onde participam músicos e bandas de estilos e géneros diversos, todos eles reconhecidamente influenciados pelo músico alemão. Ora ouça:

Para ouvir, descarregar ou comprar os 8 CD que, até ao momento, compõem este tributo, aceda a:
Informação complementar:


Smoke Machine Podcast 014 - Deepbass

Darren Roberts aka Deepbass:

1.Abstract Souls - Abstract Subway (Claudio PRC Perspective Remix)
2.Endless - 0165 Tool
3.Obtane & Giorgio Gigli - Chemistry Of Human Life
4.Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Mab (Speedy J Remix)
5.Silent Servant - El Salvaje
6.Deepbass - Process
7.Realmz - Another World
8.Obtane - Tremors From An Unimaginable Future
9.Deepbass - Nil
10.Deepbass - Maya (Modern Heads Remix)
11.Planetary Assault Systems - The Menace
12.Deepbass - Maya
13.Jolka - Five (Silent Servant Remix)
14.Milton Bradley - The Unheard Voice From Outer Space
15.Charlton - Basterd
16.Deepbass - Skeptic
17.Sandwell District - Immolare


Monoloc - CLR Podcast 242

CLR Podcast 242 – Monoloc

Born and raised in the Techno metropolis Frankfurt am Main / Germany, the longtime studio neighbour of Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji owes a lot of inspirational moments to the special vibration and the deep-rooted electronic music scene of this genre-defining city.
Over the last years, Monoloc has not stopped touring and releasing highly significant productions on various prestigious labels, including his recent debut album “Drift” and the corresponding remixes on CLR. In his productions he draws influences from all kinds of musical styles and incorporates them skillfully in his mind-bending, deep and elegant Techno sound. The latest release is the “Try EP” (CLR 070), which apart from the original album version includes an excellent Skudge remix and a brand-new, very club-friendly edit by himself. Today the busy DJ/producer delivers us another one of his irresistibly bass-heavy Techno sets.
If you would like to know more about Monoloc, his upcoming release- and tour-schedule. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monoloc-Official/201082819932424

SlamRadio - 055 - Slam

Slam Radio - 055 - Slam


RYC Podcast 039 - Jonas Kopp

Jonas Kopp (Buenos Aires) Few would dispute Jonas Kopp as being one of the most prominent and exciting figures to emerge from Argentina in recent years. An accomplished producer, in-demand remixer and versatile performer, he has fast transitioned from Buenos Aires’ best-kept secret to one of contemporary house and techno’s leading lights, on a par with genre-defying luminaries such as Levon Vincent, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman and Ryan Elliot.

Drumcell Live @ Movement Festival DETROIT 2013

This is the full recording of my last performance on the UNDERGROUND stage in DETROIT for the Movement Electronic music festival 2013. ive been attending the festival for over 12 years now and this year was by far one of the most memorable nights ive ever played in detroit. The bass on that stage is still till today the most intense things ive experienced in my whole DJ career. In order to continue playing we had to duct tape every piece of gear to the table and the faders on the mixer would not sit in one place ... although these technical issues presented problems in this recording. i decided to publish it as it is in order to preserve the memory of this day. DOWNLOAD IT, SHARE IT, ABUSE IT AND PASS IT AROUND...ITS FREE. you can stream and watch the whole set on BE-AT-TV http://www.be-at.tv/brands/hart-plaza/movement-2013-day-3-underground-stage/drumcell