sometimes, i must remember myself there are moments of incorruptible beauty on the earth.
like this one:


Rrose – The Surgeon General (Her Insides Laid Bare)
Function & Vatican Shadow - Things Known
Brando Lupi - Egg Shaped
Patrick Chardronnet - Random Beauty
Ntogn & Luigi Tozzi - Wsjr (Orphx remix)
Eomac - I Am Starting To Believe
Korridor - Binocular Observer (Ness remix)
Schlomo - Grounded Queen
PVS - Collateral Damage (Max_M remix)
Slam - Cirklon Bells (Edit Select remix)

Michelangelo behind a Macbook

"You ruin your life by tolerating it. At the end of the day you should be excited to be alive. When you settle for anything less than what you innately desire, you destroy the possibility that lives inside of you, and in that way you cheat both yourself and the world of your potential. 
The next Michelangelo could be sitting behind a Macbook right now writing an invoice for paperclips, because it pays the bills, or because it is comfortable, or because he can tolerate it. Do not let this happen to you. Do not ruin your life this way. Life and work, and life and love, are not irrespective of each other. They are intrinsically linked. We have to strive to do extraordinary work, we have to strive to find extraordinary love. Only then will we tap into an extraordinarily blissful life." 
—Bianca Sparacino, How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

painting by Alexandra Levasseur




porque me dóis?
porque me afundo em ti?
porque te quero se me enegreces por dentro?
porque pinga sangue frio deste coração quente?
porque arde o teu gelo no fogo da minha paixão?
porque te quero longe, se vives me mim?

porque te nego, se te desejo?
porque me dás sombra, ó meu sol que costumavas ser?
porque sofro por ti, tu que eras a minha cura?
porque te espero, se desejo a tua partida?
porque te afasto, aproximando-me?

poquê o doloroso vazio do quase depois da experiência do comum?
porquê adiar o inevitável?

porque te digo adeus como a um sonho estranho?

coimbra, 27.01.15
adeus, s.

things (un)know

goodbye, s.




"Learning how to leave people alone and go on with your life is a needed skill. You must master it." 
—Raegan Mathis

drawing by lucjan_

para uma vida não monótona

"This is how I see it. As an artist it is my responsibility to not have a boring life. To feel deeply. To listen to the stories of strangers. To try new things and go new places. To say yes. To question everything. To find beauty in the commonplace. And to fall in love. Over and over. Because through the highs of love and the lows of heartbreak I truly know what it is to feel." —nirrimi 

© antónio alves
figueira da foz, janeiro 2025


artwork : adam martinakis